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Architecture, Engineering
and Conservation

The Bachelor programme BA Architecture at the HAWK

BA Architecture

Shaping the enviroment - that's what architects do

In addition to an understanding of social, technical, structural, functional, aesthetic and economic aspects of building, they also focus their attention on protecting the environment. The efficient use of energy and natural resources now plays an increasingly important role in building planning and calls for innovative, interdisciplinary approaches.
Solving complex building tasks requires technical and design competence based on sound practical, theoretical and scientific knowledge. Thanks to its interdisciplinary project studies with internationally recognized degrees, the six-semester Bachelor study programme  Architecture  at the HAWK in Hildesheim communicates this competence to its students.

An interdisciplinary, practical approach

The interdisciplinary project studies form the backbone of the study programme, whereby the students work in teams to complete assignments in building with a direct connection to actual practice – from building planning to infrastructure construction. This is how the architecture students of the HAWK acquire the qualifications that are indispensable for their later professional careers.

The study programme Bachelor of Arts in architecture

The study programme in Architecture is based on practical experience in the corresponding professions and is completed with a Bachelor degree entitling the recipient to all the rights and responsibilities pertaining to that degree.
The students are provided with a sound basis in the fields of planning, building and building design as well as basic knowledge in the sciences relating to these fields.

After successfully completing the six-semester study programme, graduates with a Bachelor degree can enroll in a four-semester Master programme in architecture which entitles them to admission to the Chamber of Architects in Germany.

Detailed knowledge

  • Design
  • Structural design
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Building physics
  • Building material science
  • Constuction management, building law 
  • Energy-efficient construction
  • Renovation of existing buildings

Occupational fields/Careers

  • Traditional work as an architect
  • Executive functions in the construction industry
  • Jobs at public authorities and for property developers
  • Real estate administration and management

Flyer study programme BA Architektur