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Natural Sciences
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Applied University Research in Göttingen


Research and development play an important role in the practically oriented study courses at the HAWK. Students have the opportunity to apply their new knowledge in practical training and write their Bachelor and Master theses as part of the research team. In the successful research groups at the HAWK, key technologies are developed with a close eye on future sustainability, energy and ecological efficiency, usability in large, mid-sized and small businesses and on applications designed to improve daily life.

In addition to the professors and scientific assistants financed by state funding in different research projects, 9 employees financed by third-party funds are working on their doctorates, 15 on their Bachelor and Master theses and 8 students on the basis of part-time work contracts (last updated: 5/2012) in laser and plasma technology. Among other things, a main focus is placed on the research of laser and plasma technologies, adaptronics, optical technologies, mechatronics and e-learning.