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Plasma Technology


Taming Lightning in the Field of Research

Plasma technology is one of the most forward-looking key technologies for Germany as a high-tech business location. This is reflected, among other things, in current financial support programs, in which plasma technology is advancing to the status of a key research topic.

Due to its wide areas of application potential in the growth sectors of electronics, vehicles, mechanical engineering and toolmaking, electrical engineering, the optical industry, textile, environmental, organic and medical technology, the combination of laser and plasma technology can offer sustainable innovative solutions.
The research on this combined technology can open doors to eco-efficient, integrative and forward-looking solutions and make major contributions to covering future needs for resource and environmental-saving processes and products.
The active university research at the HAWK Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology has already recognized the potential of plasma technology and places a special focus on this topic, whereby atmospheric pressure plasmas, which stand out by virtue of their efficiency, process controls and flexibility, play a special role.


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