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MA Social Work

Master’s Study Program Social Work (MA)

General Information on the Study Programme
Social work is characterised by many international and European interconnections, while at the same time focussing locally to an ever-greater extent on cultural and cross-cultural relationships. In this context, social work also strives to mould diversity and secure inclusion in the dynamic relationship between the generations, cultures, the sexes and a broad range of different living circumstances and biographies. The Faculty offers the accredited, consecutive Master’s course of studies in “Social Work in the International and Intercultural Context”; upon the successful completion of this course, students will have earned the internationally recognised “Master of Arts” degree.

Study Contents and Study Focus
Among other things, the study programme focuses on the international conditions affecting social developments, European aspects and country-specific conditions for social work, problems and integration, the development of the discipline, the profession and the methods used in social work, the research methods and languages.

Study Goals and Occupational Fields
The degree qualifies the graduate to apply for positions in management and to take on tasks in research, evaluation and teaching. It also entitles the graduate to pursue a doctorate degree and to apply for positions on the higher levels of civil service.

Special Forms of Study
The courses for this study programme are scheduled to take place on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and can – supported by e-learning – be combined with a part-time job (Mon. to Wed.). A practical phase (full time) of at least 22 weeks is integrated into the study programme; it can also be completed as a professional practicum. Eligibility and suitability will be reviewed on an individual case basis.

Study Duration and Final Degree
The official duration of the study programme is four semesters and combines the practical phase with evaluation and research. The academic degree earned is a “Master of Arts” (MA).

Entrance and Admission Prerequisites
Applicants must provide proof of at least one professional qualification in the form of a university degree (Bachelor’s degree or diploma) in a social work study programme or a comparable German or foreign degree in education or the social sciences. The Admissions Committee makes the final decision as to which degrees will be accepted as comparable or equivalent. Good language skills in spoken and written English are also required.

Further Information

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