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Preparatory study course

The evaluation of the certificates can lead to the following results:

  1. Direct access to university studies
    The application will be forwarded to the admissions office. After the application deadline the selection according to the qualification takes place. Applicants that have received a place to study will be notified and receive a letter of admission and a declaration of acceptance. Further admission documents will be issued after the signed declaration of acceptance has been sent back within the mentioned deadline.
  2. Access to university studies after completing the preparatory course
    Allowance to university studies after completing the preparatory course (= Studienkolleg) in Hanover and passing the ‘assessment test to determine the eligibility of foreign applicants to studies at institutions of higher education in the Federal Republic of Germany’ (= Feststellungsprüfung). Applicants will automatically be registered for the admission test (= test of German language skills and mathematics) of the preparatory course.
    Over two semesters the course will prepare the participants for the assessment test. The test can only be repeated once at the same location. The topics of the course depend on the chosen study programme and the corresponding area of specialisation. One subject of the examination is English and basic knowledge of that language is required.
    Further information in German can be found at the website of the preparatory course.  
    After successfully passing the assessment test at the end of the preparatory course a certified copy of the certificate has to be handed in at our institution before the deadline. The application will then automatically be included in the admission process for the next semester.

    In order to be registered for the admission examination of the preparatory course one of the following German tests needs to be handed in:
    Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz (1. Stufe)
    Certificate B1 of the Goethe Institut.
  3. No access to university studies
    If you do not yet have access to university studies in Germany (direct or with preparatory course) you cannot yet start your studies in our institution and we will send back your application documents.