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The best time to go and get yourself another drink is during the TV commercial break. And that’s exactly why advertising poses a real challenge to designers. Aft er all, the only idea that will get through to the consumers is a good one.

Good design does not improve a bad idea.

Getting to the consumer. Ad campaignshave to do more than just look good. They also have to have a good idea that gets through to the audience. And not only that: advertising has to manage to get viewers excited about a product. Ideally, they should also remember that the next time they have to make a purchasing decision. That’s why the concept of advertising cannot be separated from corporate strategy. It must take into account market data, target group analyses, corporate goals, marketing strategies and sales structures.

Advertising goes further. The fi eld of Advertising Design focuses primarily on creating campaigns in the form of ads in newspapers or magazines, posters , cinema commercials and TV spots, online advertising, sales promotion, guerilla activities and events. There is no medium that cannot be used for advertising and will be used in the future. Deliberate product placement has been part of television series and films for a long time. And computer games are also interspersed with advertising. In short: the media that are to be conceived and designed are very different and complex. And it’s not just about mastering the individual disciplines, but rather about harmonizing them with one another. That’s why the fi eld of Advertising
Design is closely linked with the other competence fi elds. Photography, Film, Interactive Media, Printing, Typography, Illustration, Color, Business Equipment, Packaging, Editorial Design, Text – all of that is important for advertising designers. So that they create advertising in the end that gets people enthusiastic rather than annoyed.

The tasks are many and varied. campaigns are developed for fictive clients as well as for big brands and partners from the field of industry.

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