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Corporate Identity

Corporate Design is not only the visual essence of a company; it is also the visible element of Corporate Identity strategy.

Corporate Design aims to visualize the corporate personality and brand values, to create an appearance and to make an impression. Corporate Identity delivers the contents.

Brands and markets. During the past decades, the constantly changing market and increasing competition between companies has given rise to the development of strategies for a uniform and unique portrayal of self from design right on up to the behavior of the employees. Corporate Identity ( CI ) is an instrument that is used to transport the corporate philo sophy into the minds of the employees and from there, into the market. Externally, CI serves fi rst and foremost as orientation. The image others have of the company, its Corporate Image, is the integrated refl ection of its Corporate Identity. CI theory assumes that social structures, organizations, parties, asso ciations and companies can be explained and described in their behavior and effect on their environment basically in analogy to individuals or persons . In other words: a company is equivalent to a person. Individuals and corporate bodies who implement not only their own personal identity during the course of their life-long process of development, but also develop and set perhaps pioneering standards and points of orientation are considered as personalities. As such, companies offer their partners not only a product, but a message , an attitude, a mindset and a moral concept.

It’s all in the staging. A CI process is a strategic corporate presentation based on a specified corporate philosophy. The clear positioning of the brand /company serves as a distinguishing feature on the market. And helps to identify the employees and customers – both within and without. The future of products lies in the strength of their brand and in the care taken in the design staging. Brand work does not focus on the company, the client, the marketing or the design. It focuses solely on the brand. All activities are strategically planned and based on the strengths and weaknesses of the brand. It’s not about »designing« something, but rather about analyzing the brand value, the brand core and the brand image, and developing and then visualizing core competences.

CI/CD creates the visual connection between the internal corporate culture and the external markets.