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Digital Media


Video about the Digital Media course at HAWK University of Applied Sciences Hildesheim, Germany, by lireza Javaherrashidi.

Time-based media are a cultural and aesthetic practice – and decisive instance in communications. They deal with spreading and processing information as well as creating fictions along with developing new publics. The curriculum focuses on such basics as writing storyboards and scripts, and on experimental, narrative and documentary points of view in particular. It examines the entertainment and information industry and also assumes responsibility for identifying, analyzing and helping to shape social cause-and-effect relationships. Timebased media trains idea and concept shapers to be manually competent, creative and critical. Fields of activity include all types of PR as well as program design in the entertainment industry, particularly in television graphics and game design as well as in media- supported educational systems, such as teaching and documentary videos. The semester projects help to cultivate the development of a responsible way of thinking that is conscious of the consequences and the acquisition of intercultural competence.

Interaction Design is about designing the parameters which frame the interactions between us, space and things.

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For further information please contact either Prof. Eckhard Westermeier or Prof. Stefan Woelwer