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Master of Arts in Design

Standard time to degree
4 Semesters

Start of program
Winter and Summer

Application deadlines for Winter semester


Application deadlines for Summer semester



Upcoming applicant information sessions




Office of the Dean of Studies:
Sabine Scholz,, Phone: 0049 (0)5121/881-317

Dean of Studies:
Reiner Schneider,

Chair of the Screening Committee:
Alessio Leonardi,

Office of the Registrar:
Kerstin Achtermann,



Requirements for admission to the Master’s degree program in Design

Thank you for your interest in the Master’s degree program in Design. We encourage you to attend an applicant information session before submitting your application.

You need to fulfill certain requirements before being admitted to the Master’s degree program in Design:

  1. You need to have completed either a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Design, or another degree in a related or complementary area (the screening committee decides whether a particular degree meets this requirement and whether additional remedial work is necessary).
  2. You need to have completed your study program with a minimum grade point average of 2.3 (75%). If you have not yet finished your degree, at least 90% (162 CPS) of your degree program requirements must be complete and your current grade point average must be at least 2.3 (75%).
  3. Demonstration of particular suitability for the degree program.


How you will demonstrate your particular suitability for the degree program

Step 1: Application
Submit your application for the screening examination (aptitude test) by the deadline.

You need to include

Send all your documents to the Office of the Registrar or to the main office of the Faculty of Design. After we have received all the necessary materials, we will send you a special homework assignment and an invitation to a personal screening interview.

Step 2: Screening interview and Evaluation
The personal interview with the screening committee lasts approximately 20 minutes. During this time you have the chance to showcase your own work, discuss your personal motivation and goals for the Master’s degree program, and present the results of the special homework assignment.
In addition, the screening committee has the opportunity to ask you questions.

On the basis of the screening interview, the following three parameters are each assessed with
0 - 3 points: your motivation, your creative capacity, and your ability to engage in complex reflection.
If you achieve a cumulative score of at least 3 points, you have demonstrated your particular suitability for the program.
You will be notified in writing about your score within 14 days following the interview. The examination result is valid for 3 years.

Step 3: Application for admission to the degree program
In order to be admitted to the degree program, you need to submit the following documents by the deadline. Some of these were initially submitted with the application for the screening examination (aptitude test). Nevertheless, you should update and submit them once again for the application for admission to the degree program. All copies must be notarized.

  1. Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) diploma or grade transcripts with the grade point average of previous completed academic work
  2. Curriculum vitae (CV)
  3. Demonstration of particular suitability for the degree program
  4. Letter of recommendation from a college or university instructor
  5. Application for admission to the degree program

Please note that documents that are incomplete, not properly filled out, or submitted after the deadline will be excluded from consideration.

The Office of the Registrar enters all applicants into a ranking list.
The ranking order is determined by the student’s grade point average from his or her Bachelor’s degree program. For each point achieved by the student in the admission screening process, 0.09 is added to this grade point average (a student can therefore improve his or her grade point average by a maximum of 0.81).
In the case of a tie among several applicants, the ranking order on the list will be determined randomly.

If you want to switch from another Master’s degree program to us: Please contact the Office of the Dean of Studies or the Screening Committee.

International students

If you have neither obtained a German higher education entrance qualification nor hold a Bachelor’s degree from a German institute of higher education, you need to have successfully completed the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH) or a comparable examination.
The grading systems from international institutions must be converted to the German system according to the evaluation recommendations of the Central Office for Foreign Education at the Secretariat of the Conference of Ministers of Education (ZAB: Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen beim Sekretariat der Kultusministerkonferenz, Both supporting documents must be submitted with your application materials.
In addition we recommend that you visit the university’s general information page for international students:

If you would like to read more about the admission gidelines: Admission is regulated by the Admission Regulations for the consecutive Master’s degree program in Design.

Information on semester fees
As of Winter semester 2014/2015, students no longer pay tuition fees at the HAWK.
Information on semester fees can be found here: