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MA Design

Master study program in design

Moving forward, but going in a new direction: A strategic, integrative, team-oriented approach

The borders between design disciplines and mind-sets are becoming increasingly blurry. Not only are the professional fields now networked with one another, the organisation of design processes is getting more complex and work teams are based on hierarchical structures that are no longer as fixed as they once were.

That’s why the Master’s programme at the Faculty of Design at the HAWK University of Applied Science and Art focuses on strategic thinking, integrative design and team-oriented guidance.

By strategic thinking, we mean the complex analysis, communication and development of solutions to problems. Integrative design involves design concepts that are developed with a networked approach – and to thereby expand the students own competences in the field of design. Experimental, widely diverse, critical and deliberated. Team-oriented guidance means working together constructively with other people, providing them with guidance and taking responsibility for groups.

The Study Programme

In the first semester, all the students work together on a project – regardless of the discipline in which they earned their Bachelor’s degree. As a result, students who did not major in design are introduced to design processes. This project – we call it a pilot project – focuses on the deliberate steering of processes and communication.

The theoretical course offers – design management, design science and futurology, media theory, communication science and strategies, cultural history, social sciences, design marketing and design philosophy – provide a solid basis for a deeper reflection of and with design.

In the second and third semesters, students are given the opportunity to expand their professional understanding in their own individual areas of specialisation in two large projects and course offers. In addition, you can also further refine your profile by studying abroad, taking courses at other universities or participating in a project in cooperation with a company. We support you with many contacts and international partner programmes.

The course offers in strategy, team and design thinking teach competences in the communicative, steering and structuring fields of the design disciplines. In addition, you have an opportunity to take part in projects at the faculty and tutorial programmes.

The fourth semester places a focus on the final examination, along with courses on methodology, knowledge and time management.

Module Descriptions

The Faculty of Design

The Faculty of Design in Hildesheim offers a broad range of subjects in the competence fields of Advertising Design, Branding Design, Digital Media, Colour Design, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture, Lighting Design, Metal Design and Product Design. After all, we are firmly convinced that design has to be thought of, planned and implemented in a networked approach.
The Faculty of Design at the HAWK in Hildesheim has approximately 650 students. They are taught and supported 25 professors, 3 teaching assistants with special tasks and 10 artistic-academic employees. Our students can work practically with wood, colour, light, metal, plastics, models, DTP, CAD and rapid prototyping under professional-like conditions in the field of design.

For more information, please contact:
Master of Arts Dean of Studies

Dipl.-Des. Reiner Schneider