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Architecture, Engineering
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Conservation and Restoration (Bachelor of Arts) in Hildesheim

The Bachelor programme Preventive Conservation

Preserving Artistic and Cultural Heritage

The field of conservation and restoration has continually increased in importance in recent years and today offers a wide variety of career opportunities. The Bachelor of Arts degree program emphasizes executive activities such as the recording, investigation, maintenance, damage prevention, and conservation of works of art and cultural heritage.

Priority is given to developing and implementing suitable conceptual frameworks that will slow down the natural degradation process of the materials and prevent damage. 

In order to do this, in-depth knowledge is required about the most important materials and historical techniques that are encountered in cultural heritage objects, as well as about what is necessary for their preservation.

Preventive measures also include the careful handling of artistic and cultural heritage objects when transporting, using, storing, or exhibiting them, as well as educating the responsible parties and the general public about them.

Graduates of the degree program are able to work together in an interdisciplinary way with all professions that are involved in preserving the cultural patrimony of humanity.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is an entrance requirement for acceptance in the Master of Arts program in Conservation and Restoration Studies. This advanced degree qualifies students to direct and carry out restoration projects independently.

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