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Social Work, Construction

BA Social Work

HAWK Holzminden

The undergraduate Bachelor course in Social Work provides students with an academically well-grounded profile and leads to a qualification in the field of professional Social Work. The students gain the academic title "Bachelor of Arts".
The course comprises university-based and practical phases, and requires the conjunction of areas of responsibility of academic and professional institutions in order to provide the students with professional training. The increased integration of practical vocational elements in the bachelor course and the subsequent practical semester ensure a high degree of professional knowledge and skills and corresponding professional code of conduct. 
In the course of study students gain the skills required in order to act professionally within the complex vocational field of social work/ social pedagogy.
These include:

National and international cooperation in research, teaching and practice of social work guarantee both the regional links mentioned and the necessary connections with international and nationwide developments.
The Bachelor course provides the specialist knowledge necessary for the transition to the consecutive Master's Degree in Social Work. It therefore provides connectivity with the development of the discipline and profession on which the focus is placed in the Master's course.

The Bachelor course in Social Work in Holzminden has a particular focus on the teaching of theories and active approaches relating to social space with an almost unique perspective of rural areas.
The focal areas in the Fields of Activity and Projects are:

Bachelor Course in Social Work Holzminden

Modularisation and Structure of the Bachelor Course in Social Work

The syllabus is entirely modularised. The course of studies comprises 180 credits spread over 6 semesters.
Practical vocational phases with a scope of 750 hours workload are incorporated into the course and acknowledged in the (facultative) vocational approval year (Berufsanerkennungsjahr, a prerequisite for state approval).