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Medical Applications for Plasma

The research group in the Laboratory for Laser and Plasma Technology has years of experience in the use of atmospheric pressure plasmas on such thermolabile materials as wood or plastics. The R&D activities for plasma applications in the field of human medicine were initially based on this expertise. In the meantime, the research group has been integrated into a powerful network of natural-sciences, medical and industrial partners and they have been studying the potential risks as well as the potent effects of the plasma treatment for medical-therapeutic use on the basis of physical/chemical measuring principles and model calculation. Important findings to date include

Based on these effects and the easy-to-implement application of plasma, dermatology proves to be a promising field for future applications. The world’s first randomized clinical studies on the plasma-supported healing of skin wounds have been started in the Clinic Schwabing (Munich) and the University Medical Center in Göttingen and are currently ongoing.

In the meantime, the research activities at the HAWK have expanded in this sector. In addition to the studies in the field of dermatology, current projects also include problems in the field of cell biology on reagent transfection as well as such applications in the field of hygiene as the fight against parasites:

Fundamental studies on the effect of plasma on cutaneous lipid systems - DFG
Campus PlasmaMed, 2nd phase of project support - BMBF
Plasma-supported reagent absorption in organic cells - EFRE
Plasma treatment to kill parasites on filamentous goods - BMWi

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