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Social Work and Health

BA Social Work

English Program at HAWK Hildesheim, Faculty of Social Work

The course of studies can be linked internationally and nationally to the requirements for the profession and discipline of social work. The course of study takes into account the new developments in government and society and offers students a solid education well founded in theory and practice for professions in the field of social work.
The course of study links important national and international developments and the corresponding collaborative research projects with teaching and practical experience in the field of social work. A wide range of job-related practical study contents has also been included.

Diversity and Social Work
Hannah von Grönheim, 6 ECTS
Who is different? Who is same? And what means ‘normal’? Students will be introduced to diversity concepts and related social work methods, such as anti-oppressive practice, anti-bias education or critical reflexive social work.
Experiential education - Adventurous and sportive experiences by interacting groups
Axel Pulvermüller, 3 ECTS
This seminar encloses theory as well as practical aspects of experiential education.
(weekend seminar)
Education for Sustainable Development and the Social Work's responsibility
Sina Roth, 6 ECTS
The step into the direction of permanent balance and intra- and intergenerational worldwide equity expects a change in thinking and doing of all human beings. Sustainable Development is an essential pillar of the Social Work’s call for social justice
Social Work in Germany
Sina Roth, 3 ECTS
Theoretical exploration of Social Work in Germany including study trips visiting various institutions of Social Work in Hildesheim, Hanover and around.
HAWK Plus (interdisciplinary seminars):
Dr. Sandra Schiller: Germany and the Germans: German Society and Identity Today, 3 ECTS
Nicole Späth: Intercultural Training (weekend seminar), 3 ECTS
Katharina Wedler: German as a foreign language, 4 ECTS
Roger Skarsten: Academic Writing: English Composition Skills, 3 ECTS



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Dr. Hannah von Grönheim
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